Teardrop flags are a multipurpose and eye-grabbing promotional device well suited to today’s commercial marketplace.

Create brand awareness, sell a product, promote a message. Indoors, outdoors, hail, rain or shine, our customized teardrop flags are not restricted to a particular type of environment, or dependent on airflow to stay visible – thus remaining an effective tool for visual communication, regardless of weather conditions and location. The size, appearance as well as the model of teardrop flags make them extremely visible and because of the several base choices, they’re suitable for inside or outside use.

Teardrop flags can make one of a kind, eye-catching results for inside and outdoor presentations, trade shows, store fronts, exclusive events and more…

Each and every Teardrop flag comes as a set, which includes:

  • A solid, transportable, flexible fibreglass sectioned pole
  • A base of your choosing
  • A digitally printed custom made flag
  • Free carry bag

Teardrop flags are really easy to put together and they are totally interchangeable. Even when your requirements change from time to time, we are able to offer the flag only without the need of the entire set. Therefore you can simply purchase a single pole set as well as numerous teardrop flags which means that you can easily change them as you require.
Right now there are three sizes of teardrop flags you actually can select from;

  • Pole size 4.5m
  • Pole size 3.5m
  • Pole size 2.2m

At Sportzprint, our state-of-the-art printing methods allow us to produce teardrop flags to the high standard for which we are renowned. Together with customized flags, our teardrop flags are digitally printed and afterward heat set to ensure that the flag is water resistant and extremely strong.
Our digital printing methods allow us to ensure that the finished result is striking and vibrant regardless of the complexity in the design.