Toby Needs a Hand


Toby Price is one of Australia’s foremost dirt bike racers, competing at the top of his sport on a national and international level; including taking line honours at the 2010 and 2012 Tatts Finke Desert Race.

On 14 April 2013 while racing in California USA at a round of the Hare and Hound series, Toby was thrown from his bike, landing on his head and breaking 3 bones in his neck and his left thumb.

He was air lifted to Palm Springs District Hospital and was put into traction while he awaited surgery. In a bitter twist of events, the insurance company that Toby was using while riding in the USA refused to pay for any medical bills. However, the insurance company he uses in Australia agreed to pay if he returned to Australia for the surgery.

Put in an untenable position, Toby and his family were forced to travel to Brisbane for the surgery; he boarded a plane back to Australia in a halo with a broken neck.

Once back in Australia he underwent surgery and is currently recovery before starting physio; his goal is to get back to #1 in Australian Enduro and Desert Racing and to conquer the world’s dirt bike scene.

With the insurance company not paying for medical bills in USA, it has imposed a big financial strain on Toby and his family. Close family friends have set up a recovery fund to help out with the medical bills and auctions of memorabilia are happening regularly.

Shaun George met Toby in 2007 while riding dirt bikes around their home town of Singleton. Not long after that meeting, Shaun fell off his bike and shattered his wrist. “Toby was a great support and helped me out a lot with my recovery. From then on I couldn’t ride, so I offered to help out Toby and his Dad as a mechanic.”

Shaun continued with “in 2009, Toby signed with the Kawasaki MSC Enduro team and I was asked to be a mechanic for the team. It was great to be part of the team when Toby took out his first Australian Championship”.

“I started the recovery fund for Toby and his family as he has given me so much over the years. They treat me like a son and brother, so I just had to do something” exclaimed Shaun.

The latest fund raiser for the recovery fund is the release of the ‘Toby Price Hall of Fame’ T-Shirts. Designed by Jerry Bernardo, Crusty Demons presenter and moto journo who lives here in Australia for Universal Magazines, and produced by Sportzprint, the T-Shirts are on sale now through the Sportzprint online store. There are 2 designs either the Single printed “TP Signature” or the double printed “TP Hall of Fame” both are available in white or black.

Jerry doesn’t know Toby all that well, but saw his story and wanted to help. As he put it “in Australia, mates help mates. But it didn’t matter if it was Toby with his broken neck or a trail rider with a flat tyre, I would always stop to offer assistance.”

“I wanted to help out. I was at Finke in 2010 to see his first win of the great race, and he has also won the Hattah Enduro in Mildura, so I have always had an interest in Toby travels. When I was asked by Shaun to help out I didn’t even think twice!” said Managing Director of Sportzprint, Anthony Telfer .

Sportzprint have put a design, developed by Jerry Bernardo, to print and come up with 4 killer shirts, with proceeds of the shirt going to Toby’s recovery fund.

The last word should go to the man himself, Toby Price. “I cannot believe how much people care and are giving to help me out, I didn’t realize I had that much of an effect on people, gives me drive and determination to get back out there and thank everyone for their kind donations and well wishes. Keep an eye out for me as I will be back, bigger and better than ever” Toby has said via a phone call.

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